Inlägg av Daniel Larsson

Brain connectivity changes after osteopathy

Summary Use of fMRI to reveal neurophysiological effects following Osteopathic Manual Treatment (OMT) showed significant changes compared to placebo treatment. OMT influences connectivity in cen- tres involved in emotion, behaviour, sensorimotor integration and motor control. Keywords Osteopathic Manual Treatment; Neurophysiological effects; Functional brain connectivity; fMRI; Treatment Effects; Manual therapy; Whilst the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment […]

Manual Therapy and cervical artery dysfunction

Brief summary: Cervical artery dysfunction (CeAD) may mimic many musculoskeletal presentations. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the best available evidence for risk assessment prior to manipulation of the cervical and upper thoracic spine. Consider CeAD with the following presentation: An uncharacteristic headache, and a neck trauma in the past month. Key words: Cervical Artery […]

Osteopathy and Tension-type Headaches

Summary Osteopathy, specifically manual joint mobilisation, may have a positive effect on quality of life and headache frequency for adults with tension-type headaches. Keywords Tension-type Headache (TTH), Osteopathy, Manual Joint mobilisation techniques, Headache frequency, Quality of life, systematic review, meta analysis. Overview Tension type Headache (TTH) is ranked as the second most prevalent health condition […]

Vi måste prata ryggsmärta!

Idag är det World spine day. Svenska Osteopatförbundet tar därför tillfället i akt att belysa den påverkan ländryggssmärta idag har i samhället och världen. Det gör vi med stöd av den vetenskap som presenteras i The Lancet i en tre delars serie om ryggsmärta och som utöver att identifiera problemet också presenterar en möjlig väg framåt. […]

European wide Neck and Low Back Pain Treatment Recommendations 2020

Brief Summary In clinic, osteopathic treatment together with reassurance, exercises and specific advice for physical activity are the keys to helping your patients with low back pain and neck pain.  However, electrotherapy, shortwave, laser and more than a couple of days bed rest are not recommended. Summary of European-wide, evidence-based National and professional Guidelines 2020. […]

Somatic Dysfunction: past its sell by date!

Brief summary Somatic dysfunction (SD) is considered a key idea within the theory and practice of osteopathy.  However, a closer inspection of this concept reveals it is outdated, and bears little relevance to the paradigms of person-centred care and evidence-informed practice.  It is time to re-evaluate such key terms and concepts within osteopathic discourse, and […]